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Welcome to the Blog!

Hi Friends!! Welcome to my blog!! I’m so excited to have you here! Hopefully we have good conversations to come and lots of pretty pictures in the future!

A little about my story into this photography journey…

As a little girl, my sister Tracy and I used to pretend photoshoots a lot! One of us would be the photographer with a make-believe camera and the other would be the model. We would “prop” and “shoot” in any “cool place” we could come up with. Mom’s flowerbeds with rocks to sit on worked fairly well. Haha! To say the least, we had fun and it brings back fun memories as well. So I’ve had a liking for taking pictures and also getting pictures taken since I was pretty small! I still remember my first point and shoot camera! I took so many pictures with that little gadget!! I believe it was with my second point and shoot camera that I actually started taking friend’s pictures with!! It makes me cringe just thinking about what those images came out looking like!! Thankfully some had faith in me way back then!!

Fast forward a few years…

When I was 22, Shawn and I started dating. (I’ll write a blogpost about our love story sometime). For our first Christmas, he gave me my very first DSLR camera!!! I was ECSTATIC!!! It was a Canon Rebel t5 so not top of the line or super fancy, but it was to me!! I didn’t have a ton of time to play with it and take a lot of photos, but I did when I could! And a few of my best friends even trusted me to take their pictures! (Bless their hearts!) I knew there was so much more my camera could do then what I knew how to do with it though. The following year I purchased the Shooting and Editing Course by Amy and Jordan Demos and it changes my life! I suddenly was photographing weddings, thanks to more awesome people who entrusted their special day to me and my camera!  Those pictures by far weren’t perfect but I seriously don’t want to think about what they would have looked like if I hadn’t taken that course!! Now here I am, 2 short years later and going full time into the business, quitting my office job in the spring!! I never imagined turning my love for photography into a business and much less, photographing weddings!!! That used to scare the life out of me! Now it’s my favorite thing to photograph!!! I’ll take all the joyful, cute brides and grooms out there!! Thanks so much everyone for your support, your kind words, and the confidence boosters you give me from time to time!! Love you all, Kari

February 14, 2019

  1. Shaina says:

    Yay!! Beautiful website!! An congrats on getting it launched!!😁😍

  2. Rosina Horst says:

    You have a beautiful new website, Kari!:) Keep up your amazing work!

  3. Amber says:

    Your photos are beautiful, Kari! I love the light and airy backgrounds and the beautiful skin tones your photos have. You definitely have an eye for light.Keep up the great work!

  4. Kyla Zimmerman says:

    Aww I love looking at your pics you do wonderful work Kari.

  5. Cheryl says:

    Hi Kari… I love your light airy photos too!! What is your top tips to getting that in your photos?? I have a Canon Rebel t6i and sometimes I despair! I love good photos and my expectations don’t quite meet my ability or know how i guess🤪 What editing program do u recommend?

  6. Wonderfull pictures Kari!!

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