Lancaster, PA

Clinton & Ella’s Wedding, Belleville PA

I love how every wedding I photograph is unique, special, and different in its own way. But especially so with Clinton and Ella’s! They have an incredible life story. We’ll get to that in a moment but first I want to explain how I know them and what an honor it was to get to capture this beautiful part of their story! My brother-in-law Wilson is Clinton’s son. So our families met over 10 years ago when my sister Tracy started dating Wilson. His family came out to our home in MI. for July 4th weekend and we had a blast partying around the campfire late evenings, playing so many games of Blokus, and eating lots of yummy food! Clinton, Donna and their children had just as much fun as we did I believe!

A few years ago, Donna passed away from cancer… It was a very difficult, sad time of life for everyone who knew her but especially for her family.

Several years before this happened, Ella also lost her husband…

Fast forward to 2018, Clinton and Ella met at a widow/widower retreat. Clinton noticed Ella and obviously was attracted to her! She has such a kind, sweet personality. They started dating in July, got engaged a few months later and began planning for their big day!! I loved meeting up with them and discussing their wedding plans and scheduling their engagement session! Seeing the joy and excitement just bubble out while they talked and smiled made me so incredibly thankful to God for allowing their paths to cross and bringing them together. I absolutely love, LOVE and seeing Clinton with that bounce in his step again was to awesome! I love how God works.

Their wedding day was beautiful and it was such an honor to get to be there and capture everything in pictures! Enjoy!

January 27, 2020

  1. Jessica says:

    Such a beautiful story! You did a great job with the pictures!

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