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Larry & Rode’s Wedding, Charlottesville VA

I would shoot many, many more weddings in Charlottesville VA!! What a beautiful place on earth that is not that far from me actually! 😉 When Rode inquired with me about wedding photography and sent me a photo of her and Larry together, I was instantly STOKED about photographing their wedding!!! As we corresponded back and forth, I could tell she had the sweetest personality and also paid special attention to detail! And was it ever a GORGEOUS wedding to photograph. Still one of my faves for sure!! Her dress was beautiful and all her bridesmaids were in different but coordinating colors and it made for absolutely stunning photos!!! And the florals!! All the heart-eyes for those florals. Larry dressed up so well along with his groomsmen also. I love when there is so much thought put into coordinating colors and bringing pretty details that are cohesive to the theme/style and all flows nicely together!

Larry and Rode’s love for each other and love for their families and friends was evident and radiating all day!! From the sweetest first look on a beautiful white marble rooftop, laughing with their bridal party, hugging their families, promising their lives to each other, cutting the cake and sharing it together, all the way to Rode throwing her bouquet and one of her friends catching it ;), and Larry scooping her up and into his truck and blowing a little smoke out the driveway, it was a dream wedding day! I loved every bit of it from start to finish and I could do it over and over again. The best part though was how kind and caring Larry and Rode are. I can’t stop marveling at the fact that I am so honored to get to be there in these moments, on people’s wedding days who I never knew before, to be there and capture all the beauty and joy and get to make so many new friends through it. I’m so thankful for these opportunities!! Thank you so much Larry and Rode for trusting us to capture your BEAUTIFUL wedding day!! We’re so blessed to have had that opportunity to serve you! I wish you God’s richest blessings on your marriage!!

Love you guys, Kari

February 20, 2020

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