Lancaster, PA

Ethan & Katrina’s Wedding, Denver PA

It was a beautiful May day. Perfect for a wedding! The trees were leafed out with huge, lush green leaves and the grass was so vibrant and lush green as well! I loved looking back through the photos from Ethan and Katrina’s wedding and reliving that gorgeous day! This wedding is also in my top favorites…but which ones aren’t?! Lol, I think I say every wedding is my favorite and every couple is the sweetest and most kind!! 🙂

I was truly blessed by having the opportunity to serve Ethan & Katrina on their special day though. They were both so chill and laid back but so in love and full of Joy!! The best of combinations for sure!! We had so much fun photographing the bride and her maids getting ready first thing in the morning, capturing the dearest first look between the couple, laughing our way through bridal party portraits and oohing and ahhing over the bride and groom and how cute and sweet they are together… Capturing Ethan’s face as he watched his beautiful bride walk up the isle toward him, witnessing their promises to each other and then enjoying all the yummy food and interacting with all their family and friends at their beautiful reception!! It was GORGEOUS! Katrina chose such pretty, soft colors and lovely details for her day. It was a dream to photograph of course! I could do it many times over again!! 🙂 Thank you so much Ethan and Katrina for allowing us the honor of capturing all the special moments of your wedding day!! You two are so kind! Keep serving God where He calls you and I pray He blesses your marriage richly!!

Love you guys, Kari

February 27, 2020

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