Lancaster, PA

Phil & Ruth Ann’s Wedding, Middleburg, PA

What a sweet couple! Phil and Ruth Ann were so full of joy it radiated from their faces all day long! 🙂 There is something about couples who are a bit older than the 20 year olds getting married…while yes, the 20 year olds are just as happy and excited about it as the older ones, there’s a certain extra joy/glow/happiness from those who’ve had to wait a bit longer for God to bring their special someone into their lives. And it’s the dearest thing ever to witness. I never get tired of hearing all my couples love stories and how God brought them together! Phil couldn’t stop glowing at his beautiful bride all day and I loved capturing it!! 🙂

Their love and relationship with God was evident as well. Keep that strong in your marriage, Phil & RuthAnn. It’s what holds a marriage together and makes it beautiful!

The day was beautiful and sunny and the glow in the morning made for GORGEOUS photos!! Thanks for choosing us to photograph your wedding!! We loved getting to spend your special day with you and learning to know you two! 🙂

Love you, Kari

March 19, 2020

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