Lancaster, PA

DJ & Rose’s Wedding, Lancaster, PA

Guys, this wedding was absolutely beautiful and the couple was so in love and sooo sweet that there may be an overload of photos. Just giving you a heads up! 😉 There is no better way to tell the love story of a wedding than through PHOTOS!!! And do I ever LOVE when there’s a light, big gorgeous church that the ceremony is held in and a big WHITE OUTDOOR tent that the reception is in!!! And a beautiful flowy weeping willow tree for the sun to glow through makes the PERFECT backdrop for portraits!!

DJ & Rose shared the most endearing first look EVER that melted me! Their long-distance courtship had finally come to an end and as they stood they gazing into each others eyes and soaking up the moment of reality that their day was here, they never have to leave each other 100s of miles away anymore… Love is a beautiful thing. 🙂 They met on a mission/team in Asia. And this was the start of forever!

Can we take a moment to talk about how awesome their friends and family are?! Seriously I ugly-cried behind my camera when their Asia-team friends came out of the ceremony and surrounded DJ & Rose with the biggest group hug!! They also all sang their group theme song from their time in Asia at the beginning of the service and it was breathtakingly beautiful! The bond that grows amongst a group of people who start out not knowing each other and work together (and go through tough things together) for a few months is sweet to see.

We shared a lot of laughs with their fun bridal party as well and also their families were so sweet! They also have adorable nieces and nephews and we kind of took a lot of photos of them too. 😉

The day ended with an awesome show of fireworks and their guests lined up with sparklers as they drove away into the night, together for the rest of their lives! Thank you soooo much DJ & Rose for the honor of capturing the most special day of your lives!! I loved it so much and I hope your wedding photos make you smile every time you look at them. And make you remember how you felt on your wedding day! 🙂

Love you guys, Kari

P.S. Also, so thankful that Kim Horst Photography came to my rescue and helped capture beautiful images at this wedding since my usual 2nd shooter was not available! Thanks again Kim! Hope we can work together again sometime!! 🙂

April 29, 2020

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