Lancaster, PA

Brandon & Trina’s Wedding, Gap, PA

White Chimneys wedding venue in Gap PA was an absolutely GORGEOUS location for all of Brandon and Trina’s wedding portraits!! If you live anywhere close by and need another portrait option or venue for your wedding, definitely go check it out!! I was so thrilled when Trina told me they chose that place for their pictures! I knew we were going to get some beautiful photos and we did for sure!

Brandon and Trina are so down-to-earth and practical with beautiful souls and love their people so well!!! It was such an honor to get to work with them and serve them on their wedding day! I LOVE meeting new people and learning to know my clients through photographing them is my favorite part of the job!! 🙂 Their love for each other was so genuine and strong. They faced some difficult things together during their courtship with Brandon’s accident but it only made them stronger and created a deeper bong between them and it was evident throughout their whole day!

Trina chose the perfect colors for her dream wedding and I LOVED all the coordinating shades of blue on the bridesmaids dresses!! Along with the green and white florals was just beautiful!!! I love seeing all the different weddings I am blessed to photograph come together in cohesive, pretty styles and colors!! Its so much fun to photograph!! 😉 And the reception was stunning as well!! White is perfect for so many things! Tablecloths, tableware, backdrops/pergolas and the list goes on… and then added pops of color in florals, greenery, drinks or any other small thing just POPS beautifully off of white! I loved that Trina chose a mix of wildflowers in all different vases for her table decor for something different. And the huge ring of wildflowers hanging from the pergola was PERFECT!!! We had so much fun capturing your special day Brandon and Trina! We loved meeting your families and friends as well!! 🙂 Keep loving each other unconditionally and God bless your marriage abundantly!!

Love you guys, Kari


April 30, 2020

  1. Trina Miller says:

    Thanks Kari! We were DELIGHTED with our pictures! 😍😊

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