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Brent & Lauren’s Wedding, Shippensburg, PA

This was an extra special wedding. An extra special couple. And extra special people to Shawn and I. 🙂 Brent is Shawn’s older brother. I’ve never done a family wedding before and was not planning on photographing this one either. But again, thanks to Covid-19, their entire wedding day and plans got turned upside down. The original date was to be the 28th of March. On the 21st, the decision was made to bump it up to the 25th and the pressure was on!! Brent & Lauren were kept busy contacting all their many guests and friends explaining the situation and new plans and sadly having to un-invite all these people who are special to them. Changing up honeymoon plans and cancelling travel… Complicated and crazy times I feel is putting it mildly. 😉 One of the saddest parts of all was Brent’s older brother Dean and his family (who are serving in Guatemala currently) could not fly up for the wedding and witness them tying the knot. It brought tears. There were others that should have been there as well and in the bridal party who were also stuck outside of the states. But through all the crazy, the ups and downs, the stressful decisions, the disappointments, Brent and Lauren stayed strong. I know it was God in them and carrying them through. They kept upbeat and joyful and did not let it steal their excitement! 🙂

A little about these two wonderful humans. 😉 Brent and Lauren are both around 30 yrs old. Brent has been globe-trotting (serving on so many different missions) since he was 20 (maybe younger even?). I couldn’t even count all the countries he’s been in but speaking of which, it would be really fun to have a whole list. 😉 Lauren has served in several different missions and countries as well. And the last big mission assignment for both Brent and Lauren was in Iraq helping the refugees. Lauren’s a nurse so they went into camps a lot to assist and serve the refugees. I wasn’t there to observe or see any sparks start between the two of them 😉 but to be honest, from the first I heard that Lauren was in Iraq at the same mission as Brent, I inwardly started to hope (and pray) that she could possibly be the one for Brent. 😉 I had gone to Guatemala on SMBI’s WATER term years before with Lauren’s sister Rachel and she’s the sweetest thing and so much fun! I was sure Lauren had to be like her at least some! 😉 I can’t stop being amazed how through all the MANY MANY guys and girls they both met in their lifetime, God saved them both for each other… It makes me smile EVERY time I think about it. So many things throughout their lives leading up to them meeting each other and then through their relationship, shows God at work and it’s amazing to sit back and take it all in. It’s a big reminder to me that God cares about EVERY SINGLE person and what happens in your life. His plan is perfect even when it may seem at so many times, he’s forgotten you and your desires and longings. Sometimes we have to wait for a LONG time for answers. This is why when a couple that’s a bit older gets together by God’s divine leading, my heart almost bursts with joy and excitement for them!! It’s such BEAUTIFUL thing!

Brent and Lauren have both experienced deep deep grief and heartache. Lauren’s dad passed away 14 years ago. Brent’s brother Ryan (at 14 yrs of age) passed away 7 yrs ago. I don’t know what it’s like to lose a sibling or a parent and I can’t imagine the deep sorrow it brings. But God definitely makes beauty out of ashes. Brent and Lauren both allowed Him to work in their hearts and lives and its evident. 🙂 Keep serving Him and being the wonderful example you both are! Shawn & I look up to you and admire your hearts for people!

Y’all, I know this is a crazy long blogpost and I never write this much but I hope it can encourage someone out there. And also, I love sharing beautiful stories like this that has God woven all throughout.

Brent and Lauren’s wedding was still beautiful despite everything that seemed to go wrong (it rained all throughout portrait time). So we didn’t take many pictures that morning and decided we’ll do a re-take at a later date. Perks of having a sibling-in-law be the photographer. 😉 This past Sunday the bridal party and families got together again all dressed in our wedding attire and we took more photos. We missed Deans again and also Lauren’s oldest brother Craig and his family (who are serving in Ireland but were able to attend the actual wedding). So this blogpost is a little different than my usual wedding blogs. 😉 Enjoy!

Love you guys, Kari

Vendor Credits

Bride’s dress – Lauren

Florals – Amy (Lauren’s sis)

Food – Lauren & family

Videographer – Davy Weaver

Photographer – Kari B. Photography

June 4, 2020

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