Lancaster, PA

Delvin & Courtney’s Wedding, Rehrersburg, PA

Courtney is a dear friend of mine so this wedding was extra special to me. When I moved here to PA almost 7 years ago, we lived 1 min apart. Courtney was just old enough to attend youth functions but didn’t have her license yet so we often drove together. We went to the same church as well and I hated driving to church alone so we often drove to church together as well. We shared so many good conversations and soooo many belly laughs to!! 😉 I miss those days. I was learning to know her family better as well and hung out at their house a few times. We always had a blast and with her parents being youth leaders at the time, they were very involved with the youth and were perfect for the job! 🙂 Then tragedy hit 5 years ago in July. Our youth group was on a canoeing day trip and Courtney’s dad Jason and several of the guys decided to swim across the river which was wide and rushing. They were all good swimmers though and were sure they could do it. They were almost to the other side, completely worn out and barely able to make it the last stretch. Then it happened. Jason went down and never came back up. The shock and terror that coursed through us all in that moment I’ll never forget. We’ll never understand why God chose to take him at such a prime time of life and while he was involved with so much of the Lord’s work in church and outreach and the youth group… And especially why he had to be taken from his wife and children. He was a model daddy to his children and husband to Rosetta. I always loved watching him interact with them. He was crazy fun but also full of God. The heartbreak and adjustments they all had to go through was beyond crushing. But it was and still is so evident that God carried them through. They had the sweetest memory table at the reception for Jason and Courtney’s dear aunt hand drew a photo of Courtney with her dad.

Delvin and Courtney had a beautiful wedding day and chose a gorgeous portrait location!! It was so much fun spending the day with them and celebrating their love!! Delvin, I know you’re just what Courtney needs and you’ll take really good care of her. 🙂 Keep loving each other and caring for each other like you did on your wedding day.

It was fun working with Delvin’s family again 3 weeks after his brother Darren’s wedding. 😉 I love getting to work with repeat clients!! and Delvin’s Mom Susan did and incredible job on the florals once more! I loved the colors Courtney chose and how she pulled everything together! The garland above the bridal table was beautiful to! Delvin and Courtney, you both shine Jesus and I know you’ll go so far together for His kingdom. I pray God blesses you with a LONG and happy marriage!! It was such an honor to capture the most special day of your life!!

Love you guys, Kari

Vendor Credits

Bride’s dress – Courtney

Florist – Susan Zimmerman

Caterers – Ronny & Sonya Burkholder

Coordinators – Kent & Joy Martin

Photographer – Kari B. Photography

August 21, 2020

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