Lancaster, PA

Tyler & Brittany’s Engagement Session, Lancaster PA

When I flipped my camera around to show Tyler and Brittany the magic the light was creating in their photos, Brittany said, “It looks even better than the photos I’ve seen online at the location!!” My heart did a very happy little dance! 😉 That’s my goal folks! To create as pretty of photos as I possibly can with my camera, natural light and my beautiful clients!! 🙂

I never visited the Overlook Park in Lancaster before and to be honest, I was a little worried about shooting there cause most of the photos I’ve seen by other photographers who’ve photographed there, the photos are darker than my style due to the amount of trees. But we seriously hit it at the perfect time of day with the sun STREAMING through the tall pine trees, creating pure magic on my camera screen!! We were still able to nail that bright and airy look with all that natural light that I LOVE so I left feeling pretty happy about it and also being reminded that really, in almost any location, if we know how to utilize the light and what the location gives us, we can still create that style and look consistent to our photo style!! 🙂

This was my first engagement session of the year and it felt really good to be back behind my camera again even though I’ve been loving my winter break from photography! Tyler kept us laughing through the session and Brittany’s beautiful dark eyes practically squinted shut as she laughed back up at her fiancé! 😉 I’m excited for your April wedding you two!! 🙂 Hopefully we have a little warmer weather on your wedding day than we did for this session, even though it was beautiful!! 😉 Happy planning and preparing for your big day these next few months Tyler and Brittany!!

Love you guys, Kari

January 15, 2021

  1. Sharon says:

    Beautiful pictures!! Love the location!! Congrats Tyler and Brittany!!! Looking forward to your Big day!!

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