Lancaster, PA

Shad & Amber’s Engagement Session, Lancaster City PA

Wow y’all. This was the most fun I’ve had at a session in awhile!!! Shad and Amber were absolute troopers and ran all over the city with me even though it was chilly and cloudy most of the time!! 😉 They’re the sweetest, most FUN-LOVING couple ever and we had a blast laughing and talking the whole time! 😉 I knew it was gonna be good before we even started cause I had the honor of photographing Amber’s brother Brant’s wedding almost 2 years ago and I loved their families and I thought amber was so pretty! And now I get to photograph her engagement session and wedding and it’s soooo special!! Her and Shad fit together perfectly and I love how much fun they have together!! Never lose that you you two! 😉 It’s one of the best things to take into marriage. Keep having fun and doing random things together!! 🙂

I would love to know which photos are everyone else’s favorites from this session! 😉 Mine are definitely the ones on the sidewalk with the flowering tree and the whitewashed brick building in the background!! Insert allll the heart eyes. I was literally freaking out while taking those and I’m sure everyone passing us thought I was cray!!! But seriously felt like we were in Paris at the moment!! 😉 We actually did get a lot of ppl honking and cheering as they drove by though so that tells you how cute Shad and Amber really were!! 😉

I’m so looking forward to your wedding in July!! Enjoy these last few months of planning and preparation because it’ll be here and gone before you know it!! 😉

Love you guys, Kari

April 19, 2021

  1. Y says:

    Where in Lancaster city were these taken?

    • Kari Boll says:

      All around central city. Some on prince street and some in the square. Also the rooftop ones are at the top of the prince street parking garage.

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