Lancaster, PA

I love pretty much any food out there. (Well maybe not ALL foods;) but close! A few of my faves would be ice cream, guacamole, hummus, mac n cheese... I know you're probably thinking 'What an odd assortment' by now! But seriously, the list could go on!! And I'm usually up to trying anything new!! :) 
Traveling and adventuring are also HIGH on my list of priorities! If travel were free, I'd rarely be home. Shawn and I traveled to Australia on our first big trip together! Our honeymoon! :) We absolutely LOVED it there and would go back in a heartbeat (except for the approx. 20 hour flights to and from). That's just to long to be stuck on an airplane! 
I also love people. I love meeting new people and making new friends!! Social life is of high importance to me! One of the biggest reasons why I fell in love with this business of photography! Endless opportunities to make new friends and serve and bless people, especially brides and grooms as they prepare for their wedding day and anticipate marriage! Definitely one of the most beautiful gifts in life that God has blessed us with! 

About Kari

1. My husband Shawn

Top 10 Favorites

6. Mac n cheese

9. A Clean House

5. Shopping With Friends

8. Caramel Macchiatos

7. The Color Gray

2. Touring New Countries

4. Ice Cream

10. Guacamole

3. Sunny Beaches